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Articles about Last Transhumance project

Excerpt from ECB catalogue – European Central Bank Annual Photography Award 2009 – Romania
‘The concept of “iconography ”  in Dragos Lumpan’s work encompasses not only his specific rendering of the theme but, above all, the history and effect of this theme in itself. The subject here originates from works based on several months accompanying a Romanian family of shepherds and its flock of sheep. The individual animal, the flock of sheep, the landscape, the weather, the people and their lives and lifestyle become archetypal elements in the context of iconography, reflecting a documentary approach in a complex apparatus of components of a metaphoric, mythological and art-historical nature.
The overall concept illustrated in these particular works by Dragoş Lumpan traces back to the very origins of Romanian culture, conveying an everyday scenario still in existence today through the concept of iconography characterised by art history. Or, in other words, to give an example from art history: Caravaggio’s particularly lasting artistic impression was a result of the fact that he presented iconographic traditions with a new vision of contemporary social reality, thereby
radicalising such traditions. In much the same way as Caravaggio presented his art with reference to time and place, Dragoş Lumpan works through the medium of photography. Similar to the other prize winners, he comes from the angle of photography, which allows for deep contemporary discourse on the subject, but at the same time, in terms of the underlying concept, his work is very closely linked to the context of a Romanian identity.’ – Author: Martin Hochleitner – the ECB Annual Photography Award 2009 catalogue may be downloadated from:

The Last Transhumance – book launch – The photographer Dragoș Lumpan began working on his transhumance project more than 6 years ago – and he’s still at it today. To put it as briefly as possible, he spends his time wandering around with a load of sheep and shepherds, just trying to figure out what’s going on. What a great way to spend your time!

Nous assistons à la disparition d’un mode de vie –
“Parcourir des centaines de kilomètres chaque année, dormir à la belle étoile, protéger ses moutons des attaques des loups et des ours… La pratique de la transhumance, ancienne comme la terre, ne sera bientôt qu’un lointain souvenir de l’humanité. Le photographe roumain Dragos Lumpan a suivi les représentants d’une tradition vouée à la disparition et dresse ici leur portrait.” Interview by Roxana Traista