Last Transhumance

We are witnessing the disappearance of a way of life. Fewer and fewer shepherds cease transhumance, walking with their herds.

Last transhumance describes in photography and film the extinction of a millennial way of life. Last Transhumance is an artistic, ethnographic and sociological project totaling 11 years, 6 countries, more than 50,000 km traveled, 100,000 photos, 100 hours of footage and 100 hours audio recordings.

About shepherds  who still practice transhumance:

They sleep together with the sheep all the time, either summer or winter, near the herd, in order to protect the flock against wolves and bears attacks.

During the trip, everything they own is loaded in the morning and unloaded in the evening on donkeys’ backs.

They live only under the open sky regardless of the season.

They always get up in the morning long before sunrise.