Update on Transhumance

The time has come for an update on Transhumance.

In June,  the second draft of the film was screened in the opening of  Pelicam festival. It was a very enjoyable experience and the feedback received was a great help.

After Pelicam, I had to stop a little from the transhumant road and resume Matache project. Recently I launched www.PlatformaMatache.ro  It is a website of the documentary project about the transformations in Matache area, a project I have been working on since 2011. On this website you can see photos, articles, interviews, and the documentary film “Matache”. Although the website is in Romanian, you may watch the documentary with English subtitles.

In December, I will resume working on Transhumance, and  in January I will return to the edit studio. We still have a little work to do on the post-production of the movie: we need to finish the time-lapses and to  simplify the structure, which should be “brushed”  for better coherence. Then we will work on the sound: music will be composed, soundtrack will be added and will “enter” into the mix. Now the soundtrack of the film draft is only a “skeleton” , a suggestion .

In parallel we will make the finishing touches to the image: graphics, conforming and coloring. We hope Transhumance  is ready in spring and then it will go on the road. That is promotion. The film will be sent to the documentary film festivals, and then we will organize screenings .

In December I will send the digital photos (wallpapers) by email … Sorry, many apologies for the delay! If there are other perks that I “missed”, please let me know. Thank you for your patience and understanding!